Iranian city of Zabol is the most polluted city in the world

According to WHO the Iranian city of Zabol is the most contaminated in the world. The lack of rain and mismanagement of water resources have made this inhospitable place.

Located south-east of Iran, in the impoverished province of Sistan Baluchistan, the city of Zabol, with 130,000 inhabitants, is the desolation image.

The WHO, in a recent report, considered the most contaminated in the world not because it is emitting greenhouse gases, or because they extend the open vast landfill waste or that it run contaminated rivers.

What makes your air unbreathable are the sand that rise permanently shaken by gusts of wind reaching up to 130 km / hour.

The lack of rainfall exacerbated by climate change and poor water management turned this land into a place where living is painful.

The rivers dried up, the vegetation has almost disappeared completely and the sands invaded space. In this environment the respiratory and epidermal infections have proliferated, particularly affecting the most vulnerable.

Tuberculosis is a disease that has become endemic in the region, affecting 140 people per 100 thousand inhabitants.

This is a situation that is still poorly described when speaking of the effects of climate change, but according to experts is one of the fastest multiply on Earth in a future that is increasingly closer.



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