A youngster was forced to abandon his university studies due to their physical condition.


Nearly three years after the brutal attack, the case finally came to trial.

As told the New York Post, Taj Patterson described in court the horrifying moments and gratuitous violence that was targeted in a December 2013 evening in a neighborhood of Brooklyn in the United States in America.

The attack took place in a neighborhood that the New York Post describes as multicultural. Taj was walking alone in the streets when a group of Jewish citizens approached him.

“They grabbed me and threw me against a gate. They were many. I still tried to get away, but it was impossible and gave up, “he began by saying the young visibly traumatized by what happened.

Then, remember, started the aggression accompanied by homophobic insults with the young gay man being kicked and punched. But the worst was when one of the attacker’s elements, the victim describes as the group’s leader, stuck his thumb in his left eye so hard that Taj lost his sight.

“When he stuck his finger in my eye I started screaming, but they continued to beat me. Just remember to hit me in the face, pass out and wake up in the hospital, “he recalled in court.

The attackers, says the New York newspaper belong to a group that is assumed to be ‘vigilant’ and is composed of Orthodox Jews.



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