We live in a society where it is common practice to accumulate friends on facebook.

Facebook friends

We all know cases of people with astronomical numbers of “friends” in this social network, but how many of these people are our friends in virtual reality and real life? How many would take a cafe in the evening to catch up on time?

It was this assumption that led the Australian Matt Kulesza creating the 1000+ coffees, even in 2014. The idea was simple: invite each of your facebook friends for a coffee and a chat.

The idea was so successful that two years after Matt continues in his quest to meet live and in color all your friends the most used social network in the world. And many who were previously “Virtual known” became, however, true friends, those who can embrace, feel and kiss.

In the two years of “dating” Matt already had coffee with friends in New York, Tokyo, Thailand, Vietnam and Singapore and Melbourne, where he lives.




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