The President of China, Xi Jinping, today praised the spirit of the Red Army for eight decades and urged the country to keep it alive and moving to a new “Long March.”

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The Long March is an ongoing process, Xi said at the celebration ceremony of the 80 years since the end of the Long March, the epic that established the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its leader Mao Zedong.

A nation that forgets its origins will be in a dead end,” Xi pointed out in a speech about an hour broadcast live on state television from the Great Hall of the People in Beijing.

“Regardless of the development phase and how great were the achievements we have made, we must carry forward the spirit of the Long March and move towards a ‘new long march’,” he maintained.

For Xi Jinping each generation has its Long March and should act in its own way.

Before the siege of the army of the Republic of China, then controlled by the Kuomintang Nationalist Party (KMT), the Communist guerrillas waged from October 1934, a long journey estimated at 12,500 kilometers.

During this recession, which began in the south and ended in Yanan, northern village where the Communists established a base from which to conquer the country, killing more than 90% of the combatants.

The anniversary has been celebrated throughout this month with the daily dissemination of news and signed articles, television shows, radio shows, concerts or exhibitions, extolling the heroism of the CCP’s founding fathers and the need today invoked by Xi of the country perform a “new Long March.”

The Long March is considered as one of the two most important historical events of the twentieth century in China, along with the Japanese invasion.


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