Yes, the middle place does not have room for the arms and makes it difficult to go to the bathroom, but there is a project that can make it a better seat for airplanes.

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The middle seat is considered the worst that you may find when traveling by plane. It is between two other people, does not have room for the arms and still makes difficult to go to the bathroom.

But an aircraft interior design company, Molon Labe, has developed a solution that can do away with most of the problems of the middle seat and still make it the place with more legroom.

As reported by Mirror, this company based in Denver, United States, developed the ‘stagger seat’ that positions the middle seat a few inches back and lower than the seats on your left and right.

This makes everyone able to support the arms without elbows, but brings an even better news: with this design the middle seats would be the ones with more legroom.

Molon Labe is waiting for his design to be accepted and registered.


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