The most intriguing mazes in the world

In Stephen King’s classic Children of the Corn, Burt finds himself trapped in a maze of ghostly maize – endless and indecipherable – and ends up not being able to get out, in a psychotic plot and in the style of the North American author.

Indeed, for millennia the mazes have bewitched and fascinated humans since the time of the Egyptians and Cretans who first conceived them. Today, we will hardly find a minotaur in the center of the labyrinth (or what remains of Burt, actually), but they continue to intrigue us by their complexity, difficulty, and the way they make us think.

Take a look at our photo gallery and marvel at some of the most fascinating mazes in the world, passing through Amsterdam at the Van Gogh Museum, jumping into the labyrinths celebrating the work of Harry Potter.


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