If you usually fall asleep with your iPhone close to your body, you may want to know the story of Malenie Tan Pelaez.

© Facebook/Melanie Pelaez
© Facebook/Melanie Pelaez

The young woman, who is pregnant, had severe burns on her arm after spending the night with her cell phone on the ground.

According to reports to Metro UK, Melanie would be watching movies on the device as it carried, and eventually fell asleep. When he awoke he had a burn on his arm. The 34-year-old woman reports that she felt pain, stitches, dizziness and shortness of breath.

Melanie ended up sharing an arm-image on her Facebook page, telling her about her experience.

Apple, however, denies that the brands are guilty of the phone because it is prepared to automatically turn itself off when it is overheated.




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