The death of a woman after being hit by a driver who was playing Pokémon Go behind the wheel became the first fatality related to the popular game in Japan today inform the local media.


The Japanese Keiji Goo, 39, was arrested on Wednesday after the car he was driving had hit two women in the town of Tokushima, in the southwest of the country, causing the death of one of them, who had 72 years.

According to Japanese police, the man said he was playing ‘Pokémon GO’, according to news agency Kyodo.

The other woman involved in the accident, 60, suffered a broken hip as a result of being run over, occurred last Tuesday, 23.

Based on augmented reality concept, this game invites people to hunt Pokemon in real places with the help of the mobile phone, from the GPS device each system.

Since its debut in Japan on Monday, day 22, there were 79 automobile accidents and cycling related to the game in the Asian country, according to statistics from the National Police Agency.


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