Are the cities of the future like this?

For Dutch architect Raimond de Hullu, the sustainable city of the future will have trees instead of skyscrapers and recycled wood will be the most important building material.

In its vision of a 100% ecological city, Hullu removed the cars from the urban equation and added the foliage as protection of the population against the elements of nature and to conserve energy.

In this city – utopian, of course – there are no signs of power lines, even though the houses are completely self-sufficient in terms of water and energy supply. Named OAS1S, this concept is based on four ground-floor buildings with triple glazed windows and solar panels.

The interiors of the houses are adorned with glass rooms, skylights, large windows and balconies. “Imagine a tree house with all the modern luxuries where we can live with nothing except green around us,” Raimond explained.

“We need a 100% ecological concept, not only at the architectural level, but also urban. Something that is desirable, but also cheap. The OAS1S project brings us competitive middle class housing to people who do not lack a great quality, but also the ecological lifestyle, “he added.

Raimond, who grew up in rural Dutch South, spent most of his youth at the beach or forest. “I love nature, and when my father started building a tree house, I fell in love with architecture. And I have a great passion in connecting these two things. ”


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