Morgan’s Inspiration Island was inaugurated yesterday, in the city of San Antonio, in the American state of Texas. It is part of Morgan’s Wonderland, opened in 2010, but it has the special feature of being the first water park designed to receive children with physical and cognitive limitations.

The owners, Gordon and Maggie Hartman, describe the project “not as a park of special needs but as an inclusion park.” The icing on the cake is that children with special needs do not even pay admission.

It is recognized that this type of amusement park is not prepared for special needs, especially since a park for children and young people with physical limitations requires extra effort in terms of costs, thus leaving out a segment of public that by default Difficulties in accessing entertainment venues.

This is the great differentiating element of Morgan’s Inspiration Island, which is fully equipped for children with reduced mobility, not only in terms of access, entry into the diversions and in the resorts. The park comes to the point of providing waterproof wheelchairs, so that customers do not damage their personal equipment.


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