A 72-year-old woman attempted to help refugee and was eventually sexually assaulted.

© Reuters
© Reuters

According to the Daily Mail, the woman will be fighting for life in the intensive care of a hospital after she has stopped eating. The woman will be attached to life support machines and that’s just why she’s still alive.

The woman we spoke to was attacked on 1 September 2015 when she was walking the dog along the Traiskirchen canal, home to one of Austria’s largest refugee camps.

You saw the young man and offered him help to get him out of the water. But Wahab M. will later have knocked over the woman and used one hand to cover her mouth and another to undress her. The man was sentenced to 20 months in prison but is about to be released.

The daughter of the victim, who until the day of the tragedy supported refugees, reveals that the mother is having “a sad end, her eyes are completely empty and her body is only skin and bone.”

“I knew it would end this way, she lost her will to live after that,” he says.


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