The combination of certain hair care with healthy eating can be the key for hair to grow faster.

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Made a radical cut and now can not wait to get back with long hair? Or did your hair always look the same length, but did you like it to grow fast?

Although unpredictable, it is possible to encourage hair to grow faster. The Brazilian Marie Claire spoke with the biomedical Dr. Mônica Batista that reveals some tips that can help her to have long hair faster.

Look for topical compounds. You should seek the evaluation of a professional, but topical compounds with vitamins B6, selenium, zinc and d-panthenol help regenerate hair fibers and can encourage healthier and faster growth.

Be aware of what you eat. Food plays an important role in health, beauty and hair growth. Try to make a diet rich in vitamins B6, selenium and zinc. You can find these compounds in foods like banana, shrimp or oysters, for example.

Cut the split ends. Cutting the spiked tips every three months gives a more healthy and beautiful look to the hair, but trying to prevent the spiked tips is even the solution to allow the hair to grow faster. You should care for and respect your hair.

You can do monthly hair reconstructions for about six months to facilitate hair growth.

Adapt your haircut. If you have very short hair, you will need a lot of patience until it is long, but also adapt the cut as your hair grows. It is advised to fix the cut every three months when you are trying to grow your hair. And do not worry, the idea will not be to tinker with length, but hit the cut.


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