The platform was known for its several humorous videos. The decision comes as a way of Twitter invest more in their social network.

© Vine
© Vine

For misfortune of those looking for humorous videos on the Internet, the Vine platform will be closed. The decision was taken by Twitter after publishing its financial results as a way to focus on developing the social network, their main service.

As recalled to The Verge, the Vine is an application that allows users to shoot short-duration videos and was acquired in late 2012 by Twitter. The intention was that the Vine serve as support for the Twitter community, whatever it turned out after the Instagram also have added video to your social network in 2013.

For now, it is known that part of the division of Twitter in charge of Vine was fired and that the platform will be discontinued in the coming months.

However, it has been indicated that the Vines published so far will not be deleted. “We value users, your Vines and let’s do this the right way. You will be able to access and download your Vines.

We’ll keep the site online because we believe that it is important to be able to view all the amazing Vines you did, “the company wrote on Medium platform.


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