The University of Ho Chi Minh

We already knew that Vietnam is a country with a great biodiversity and full of green spaces. And this university campus is a perfect example of this immense diversity.

Located in Ho Chi Minh City, the campus of FPT University has 22 square kilometers of forest, right in the middle of a city of almost eight million people. The project was designed by Vo Trong Nghia Architects, which intended to create an academic oasis where almost all surfaces are aligned with trees.

All floors of each building have trees and plants, protecting its interior. Also roofs have several trees that help to insulate the building, allowing storm water to disappear more quickly and lessening the urban heat effect usually associated with concrete-filled cities.

On the other hand, Vietnam suffers from frequent blackouts, so the shadows of the trees and all the green surrounding help reduce school dependence on air conditioners, avoiding overloading the electricity grid.

On campus there are still gardens with large trees, which according to the Mental Floss gives the university an aspect of abandoned forest. The same architecture studio is, moreover, designing an identical campus for a university in Hanoi, the capital and second largest city in Vietnam.


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