Venezuela today accused the US of being the to list “violent, extremist and anti-democratic factors” in the country to prepare a coup against President Nicolas Maduro.


The coup, according to a statement from the Vice Ministry of Foreign Affairs, will take place on September 01, when the Venezuelan opposition plans to “take” the city of Caracas to demand the holding of a recall referendum Chief Warrant State.

“He highlighted the brand and the authorship of the coup planned for the coming September 01, 2016 in Venezuela, which in complicity with the anti-democratic opposition and the international right, tries to re-edit the onerous record of aggression and death, which already in 2002 (temporary removal from power of the late socialist leader Hugo Chavez) the Venezuelan people defeated with courage and dignity, “reads the document.

The note points out that “the government of President Barack Hussein Obama, with his extremism, demand instability in Venezuela and the region, to legitimize their imperial plans against the peace and development of peoples.”

“Venezuela alert the international community and directly blames the US government these conspirators planes, which meet in the Venezuelan plan an insurmountable wall of morality and heroism to defeat their violent actions in this country of anti-imperialist men and women,” concludes .

The Venezuelan opposition intends to manifest in the next 01 September in Caracas to strengthen its requirement to hold a recall referendum Nicolás Maduro presidential term.


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