New life for amputated animals

Returning some quality of life to animals, which for several reasons have seen one of its members amputated, is the great goal of the Ortho Care veterinary orthopedic clinic in Virginia, USA. By the hand of the veterinarian Derrick Campana – already considered in the region as a guardian of these animals – dogs, horses, and so many other animals, get a second chance.

And the success stories of this very special veterinary clinic are more than many. The story of mare Angel Marie is just one among many situations with a happy ending. Victim of an accident that during the birth that caused permanent damages to him in the front paws, Angel Marie was not slaughtered like they dictated all the statistics. Two new prostheses placed by the careful hands of Derrick Campana and her team, have restored mobility to this lucky mare.

The dedicated veterinarian began his career building prostheses for humans, but being passionate as animals, he quickly realized that his happiness was to give a new opportunity to the animals that appeared in his office, already considered as hopeless cases.

The fame of this “guardian of amputated animals” begins to extend to the four corners of the world, with requests to reach the clinic in Virgina a little everywhere. The most exotic request so far? The construction of an artificial paw for an elephant to live in Thailand, injured by a land mine.


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