The White House today announced the creation of the first marine protected area in the United States in the Atlantic Ocean, with an area of 12,725 square kilometers, located in front of the New England coast.

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According to the White House, it is an ecosystem with “unique geological features,” which is home to rare species in danger of extinction, which was operating object and scientific discoveries from the 1970s.

The new protected area will be called “National Monument Cannons Northeast and Submarines Hills, as under their waters hides three most deep canyons of the Colorado four mountains.

These provide habitat for different types of turtles, as well as whale and unique in the world corals, mollusks, and fish.

The US President, Barack Obama, will talk about the new protected area during the third edition of the conference “Our Ocean”, whose creation was driven by himself.

The conference will be held in Washington today and on Friday in order to make the protection of the marine environment a priority globally.

According to the White House for the initiative this year, about 20 countries will announce the creation of 40 marine protected areas that together account for 1,191,395 square kilometers.

In August, the United States has created, in the territorial waters of Hawaii, the largest protected marine area in the world, called “Papahanaumokuakea National Monument, with about 1.5 million square kilometers.

It never protected many kilometers of marine extension in the world as in 2016.

Obama has made climate change and in particular its impact on oceans, one of the priorities of his second term in the White House.




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