US Vice President-elect Republican Mike Pence will coordinate the transition of the Donald Trump Government to the White House and compose the team of the new President, his cabinet said in a statement today.

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© Reuters

Pence replaces New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, who in recent months has been Trump’s chief representative at the White House meetings to prepare for the transfer of power in case of Republican victory in the scrutiny of Tuesday, November.

Although Trump said in his victory speech at dawn Wednesday that he wants to show unity, the first names appointed as ministers in important government briefs are people who defended President-elect fiercely during the campaign And who do not have moderate profiles.

“Our team’s mission is clear: to bring together a group of the most qualified and successful leaders that can fulfill our agenda in Washington. Together, we will begin our urgent task of rebuilding the country, in particular, creating jobs, security and Opportunities, “Trump said in a statement.

Chris Christie was at the center of a scandal during the election campaign, for the role he played in closing a bridge between New Jersey and New York in 2013 for political disputes – a case that went to trial, although he did not make it be tried.

Senator Jeff Sessions and neurosurgeon Ben Carson will share responsibilities with Think about the choice of the new executive, who may be comprised of the figures who supported Trump’s candidacy from the start and who, despite the real estate tycoon’s anti-establishment speech, will be dominated by Washington politicians and Wall Street personalities.

As the office of the President-elect in New York announced, Christie will continue to be part of the power transfer team, along with former Speaker of the House of Representatives Newt Gingrich, Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn and former New York City chamber Rudy Giuliani.

All of them are singled out as possible elements of the new Trump Government.



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