Urban art


Ernest Zacharevic is a well-known street artist. In his latest work, Zacharevic takes his skills to a new level by making a beautiful connection between art and the real world.

In the exhibition “Vitality & Verve: In the Third Dimension”, on display in Long Beach, USA, you can see a collection of his work in recent years and realize how does the creative process of this artist.


Zacharevic is still new, but excels form makes a deep analysis of the public who will see their work as well as the issues that will paint. Nothing is placed on the wall at random, everything is interconnected.


Their work is a perfect symbiosis between the real world and fantasy, as for the artist all wall bits, all gray walls have a huge potential to become a masterpiece.


Armed with brushes and paint cans, Zacharevic makes a little more beautiful city, a wall time.

art6 art7 art8 art9 art11


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