A man and his pigs

Toshiteru Yamaji, a Japanese photographer, spent a decade photographing a Japanese farmer named Otchan. At first glance, spending ten years photographing a farmer from the Japanese Kagawa region may be a strange choice. However, the Ymaji project “Pigs and Papa” clarifies this unambiguous choice.

Otchan lives with about 1,200 pigs and many are companions, pets and sibling companions. And it is this relationship between Otchan and his animals that the Japanese photographer spent ten years to portray. “While the cultivation process tends to become completely automatic along with the mass production and consumption chain, this family performs this process manually, giving their love to each pig,” writes Foil Tokyo, a gallery that houses The Yamaji exhibition, quoted by the Huffington Post.

Yamaji, who was previously a civil servant in Kagawa City, began shooting Otchan in 1997. In 2009, he self-published the book’s photographic project, which won the Japan Self-Publishing Award.

“Pigs and Papa” documents the intimate moments between Otchan and his pigs from sunrise to sunset, giving a glimpse of a true relationship that seems to occur in another time.



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