New Zealand: Remote and Untouched

Professional photographer Johan Lolos traveled to one of the most remote spots in the world, New Zealand, and spent a year touring his cinematographic landscapes. Twelve months after the trip, Lolos says the country’s landscape has completely changed his style of photography.

“After a year of traveling around Australia – a lover of white sandy beaches – I traveled to the South Island in New Zealand and was impressed by its beauty, its snow-capped mountains, lakes and mountains,” explained Lolos.

New Zealand is recognized as one of the most beautiful natural nations in the world, but photographing it is not easy – to reach the photographer’s favorite area, Fiordland, one must climb Dantesque cliffs.

“I was inspired by the wildlife and untouched beauty of New Zealand. Something that, in fact, we can only hope for in New Zealand, “he said. Johan Lolos lived on the South Island for six months and gives some tips on places to visit and photograph. “Wanaka is the best place to live in New Zealand, but my favorite region is the Fjords. They’re incredible, it’s a pristine Jurassic park. ”


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