According to the United Nations, the fighters of ISIS are harshly fighting civilians. Near the fought city of Mosul, 70 corpses were found.

Iraqi soldiers celebrate the conquest of the city of Bartel near Mossul. © Amel Pain / EPa / dpa
Iraqi soldiers celebrate the conquest of the city of Bartel near Mossul. © Amel Pain / EPa / dpa

According to the United Nations (UN), the terrorist “Islamic state” (IS) apparently committed further atrocities against the population in the region around Mosul. In the village of Tulul Naser south of the millions of metropolises were found the bodies of 70 civilians, a UN spokesman said. The bodies would have shot wounds.

In addition, 50 former police officers were killed near the big city. The UN spokesman pointed out that it was difficult to verify the reports. However, it is not the first time that IS fighters are proceeding with extreme brutality against civilians in Iraq.

According to UN information, 15 civilians were also killed in the village of Safina south of Mosul, and the corpses subsequently thrown into a river.

In the opinion of the UN spokesman, fear and terror are to be spread among the population. Six suspected members of anti-IS fighters were tied to a car and dragged through the village.

There are also reports that IS fighters shot three women and three girls and injured four other children. They were not supposed to have arrived fast enough in the case of an expulsion because one of the children was handicapped.

Previously, the US television station CNN had already reported with what brutality the terrorism against civilians. 284 men and boys had been handed over by the IS last Thursday and Friday, they said. The station appealed to the Iraqi intelligence service.

According to this, the terrorists used the people as protective shields and later shot them.

The IS had committed atrocities against the population in the territories conquered by them two years ago. Many minority members were killed, enslaved, or displaced.

Offensive reaches the outskirts of Mossul

About a week after the beginning of the offensive for the re-conquest of Mossul, Iraqi special units have pushed forward to the eastern edge of the city.

“On our front, we are only five or six kilometers from Mosul,” said the commander of the Iraqi anti-terrorist unit CTS, Ahmed al-Assadi.

Its unity is coordinated with the fighting units on the other fronts, said Al-Assadi. From the north-east Kurdish Peschmerga fighters approached the city, where up to 6,000 IS fighters are still suspected.

On the other hand, the Iraqi army of the IS-Hochburg, which advanced from the south, was only slowly approaching.

Split anti-IS coalition

There are no battles in the West of Mossuls. Now, however, the Shiite militias Hashd al-Shaabi (people mobilization units) are to push into the area between Mosul and the Syrian border.

“Our goal is to prevent an escape of the IS to Syria,” said a spokesman for the Shiite militia. “We are expecting a huge and difficult battle.”

The striking Shiite militia are supposed to recapture the city of Afar, which was mostly inhabited by Shiites before the occupation by the IS.

However, the inclusion of Shiite forces divides the anti-IS coalition: the Kurdish leadership in the northern Iraq rejects their participation as well as the Turkish government.

The anti-IS deployment of Turkish armed forces in northern Iraq is again taking place against the will of the Iraqi leadership.

Despite this, the Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu indicated a possible expansion of military deployment. “If there is a threat to Turkey, we are ready to use all our forces to eliminate this threat – including ground operations,” Çavuşoğlu told channel 24.



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