Allegedly the man would walk after mothers who walked with their children at school.

© Reuters
© Reuters

A primary school in Wallasey (UK) was closed after a man with a clown mask armed with knives has been spotted in the area, reports The Sun.

According to the same source, police were called to Somerville elementary school in Wallasey after the man allegedly persecuted mothers who followed their children close to the school.

The 31-year-old man was arrested by police for possession of a gun and accused of spreading fear.

Apparently, and according to witnesses, the man dressed as a clown was walking down the road with a “big knife.”

This episode comes after a wave of clowns terrified the population of the United States. A ‘fashion’ that later followed to the United Kingdom. According to The Sun, there are concerns that pedophiles might also be clowning themselves.


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