A recent study looked at operating margins of major manufacturers to realize who is being really successful in this market.


Smartphones are not an easy business. Besides all the competition all companies and manufacturers, it is still necessary to deal with the trends of the market that are always changing. That said, it’s no wonder that only two of the manufacturers can be successful in this case Apple and Samsung.

The conclusion is a study of Cannaccord Genuity, which compiled the operating margins of each of the major said companies to understand which of them is to take profit from this market, with Apple to have an operating margin of 38% and Samsung 17% .

Moreover, note the The Next Web that both Microsoft and HTC have losses of 22% to 10% of Lenovo, LG and Blackberry 5% 3%.

The data for the second quarter of this year, and more interesting it is to see the evolution that the market has had since the first quarter of last year.


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