The government has asked the Supreme Court to reinstate the executive order of Donald Trump which prohibits people traveling from mostly Muslim countries from entering the United States.

The executive order had already been blocked by federal courts and triggered protests across the country
Stephen Brashear / Getty Images

The White House has formally asked the US Supreme Court to reassess and reinstate Donald Trump’s executive order prohibiting people from seven countries from entering the United States and suspending the refugee program for 120 days. The proposed blockade of borders was known as ‘travel ban’.

The measure did not please several federal judges and courts who found it unconstitutional, claiming it has a highly discriminatory basis. In response, the Trump administration advanced two urgent requests to the Supreme Court to implement the order promulgated in January this year.

Highly contested by the international community, Executive Order 13769 targeted anyone traveling from seven countries – Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen – mostly Muslims. It suspended the granting of visas – and provisionally revoked more than 60,000 that were already allocated. At least 700 people have been detained for alleged terrorist links.

“We have asked the Supreme Court to hear this important case and we are confident that the executive order of President Trump fully respects the law in its authority to keep the nation safe and protect our communities from terrorism,” explained the door “Justice Department spokeswoman Sarah Isgur Flores said.

The President is not obliged to accept [persons entering the country] persons from countries that support or protect terrorism until he determines that [such persons] are examined and that they do not pose a security risk to the United States. “

Signed in January, shortly after Donald Trump’s inauguration, he caused chaos in hundreds of airports and set off protests in several American cities. It was initially blocked by state judges in Washington and Minnesota.

The administration can expect a response from the Supreme Court within two weeks. If the nine judges decide to hear the appeal of the administration, the process can drag on until October.




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