Since 32 years ago that the teacher has guessed the results of all the presidential elections in the United States.

© Washington Post

Missing just over a month to know who will be the successor to Barack Obama in the Oval Office of the White House. However, some say without fear what will be the outcome of the next presidential elections in the United States on the 8th of November.

It called Allan Lichtman and is a professor specializing in history at American University. According to the Washington Post, this teacher correctly guessed all the presidential results of US policy since 1984.

To the Post, Allan ensures it will be the tycoon Donald Trump to beat Hillary Clinton and to assume the US presidency.

To support their claims, the teacher uses, in addition to their political views, to different polls that will be known week after week, to changes in voting intentions for each state and a set of statements by both candidates on certain topics that, he says, are “key factors” to reach the White House.

“Donald Trump got the toughest election since 1984. We have never seen a candidate like him, and he can break the entire course of history since 1860. We have never seen a candidate who enriched crazy way at the expense of others. He is the first candidate taken as a manufacturer in series, making things up as you go along in the elections. Even when he tells truths, like the time I doubted about the origins of Barack Obama added two more lines. We have never had a candidate who threatened to blow up ships coming from the Persian Gulf if they come near the US border. Given all these expectations, it may well break the paradigm of American political history, “he argues.


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