Donald Trump accuses Hillary Clinton of orchestrating the sexual harassment accusations that the Republican has been targeted.
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© Getty Images

A promise of Donald Trump. After the elections, which take place on 8 November, the Republican candidate will sue all who have been accused of harassment and inappropriate behavior with women.

“All these liars will be processed when the elections are finished,” Trump said in a speech in Gettysburg, Pensivânia.

And stressed he was “very anxious” to that day arrives, says the international press, including the British Metro. In the same speech, the candidate for the White House accused Hillary Clinton, and the Democratic party of orchestrating charges against him. “All women lied to tarnish my campaign,” insisted the Republican.

In recent weeks, the campaign for the US elections has become aggressive. There were 10 women who went public accusing Trump of sexual harassment.

The escalation of complaints came after Obama succession candidate have been faced with 2005 recordings, in which Donald Trump refers to women using terms considered sexist and inappropriate.



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