The New President of the United States reiterated the words of a promise made in 2015, at the beginning of his race for the White House.

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Still in the early days of what was to become one of the most contested presidential candidates in history in September 2015, Donald Trump said in one of his early rallies that if he ever came to the President of the United States, he would not accept “a single dollar” Of the annual $ 400,000 to the holder of that charge.

That day has come and the promise, it guarantees, is to be fulfilled. During a Q & A session on his social networking page, recorded at the Twitter facility in New York, one of the participants reminded him of that promise and the response was recorded on video.

“As far as wages are concerned, I will not take a single dollar,” he said, recalling that his entire campaign was self-financed by his business.

However, it should be noted that the same Donald Trump has started, according to Business Insider, a fund rampage for himself and the Republican Party.


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