The new president-elect of the United States announced yesterday that he will deport many of the immigrants with registration or criminal records, but the truth is that Barack Obama deported more people than the last presidents of the twentieth century put together.

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Yesterday, one of the promises that best described the matrix of Donald Trump’s candidacy for the White House was confirmed yesterday: his complete rejection of those who live illegally in the country and, above all, those he claims bring the crime to the United States.

The newly elected President said he would “deport between two and three million immigrants who have registered or criminal records, such as gang members or drug traffickers.”

Many have been shocked by the statements but the truth is that, as The Independent points out, the White House tenant has already done the same for the past eight years.

Since taking office as President of the United States, Barack Obama has deported as many immigrants as all the presidents of that country since the twentieth century, including Latinos, an electoral group that voted for his re-election in 2012.

Between 2009 and 2012, Obama ordered the extradition of a total of 2.5 million citizens without documentation necessary to live in the United States.


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