President-elect confirms to CBS the idea of a US-Mexico fence. EU debate post-win Trump future


Donald Trump’s president may after all not be very different from Donald Trump’s candidate. This is to be assessed by statements made by the Republican millionaire to CBS’s 60 Minutes program.

In a conversation with veteran journalist Leslie Stahl, the president-elect has announced that he will deport between two and three million illegal immigrants from the United States and that he has not given up his idea of erecting a new wall along the US-Mexico border.

Adding to this, Trump, 70, demonstrated this weekend that he favors contacts with members of European populist parties to the detriment of EU leaders and institutions.

His victory in the presidential summit on 8 was motivated yesterday by an informal dinner of the foreign ministers of the 28 EU states in Brussels. Politico classified the meeting as “panic dinner”.

“What we are going to do is identify people who are criminals or who are registered, who are gang members, who are drug traffickers. Many of them, probably two million or even possibly three million, will be expelled from our country or will have to But we are going to deport them from our country, because they are here illegally, “Trump told 60 Minutes in an interview broadcast on the program.

In the USA there are about 11 million illegal immigrants and many are from Mexico. Trump has not specified what he will do with immigrants who simply do not have papers, but he has confirmed one of his most controversial campaign promises: erecting a wall along the border with the neighboring Spanish-speaking country (about 1,300 kilometers of border between The two countries are already divided by a wall and a fence).

A kind of fence

“Before we act with determination, we need to ensure the security of our border,” said the one who, on January 20, will be Barack Obama’s successor.

Asked by the journalist if guaranteeing the security of the border means erecting that wall, the millionaire without political experience said: “There may be a kind of fence.” During the election campaign, Trump accused Mexicans of sending “criminals and rapists” to US territory, promising to make the neighboring country pay for the wall. The Mexican government has always said it will pay nothing.

Speaking on another American television, CNN, House Rep. Rep. Paul Ryan, tried to pour boiling water over the president-elect’s statements about deportations.

“I think we should make it clear to people that it’s not where we’re focusing, the focus is border security, we’re not planning to create a deportation force.” Donald Trump is not planning such a thing, “Ryan said yesterday, Who at first turned against the Republican during the presidential campaign, but now that he has defeated Democrat Hillary Clinton, he tries again to thank him.

Priority to Farage and Le Pen

The uncertainty introduced by the election of Donald Trump led the European leaders to invite the Republican from the first hour to an EU-US debate.

On the 9th, after the vote, the presidents of the European Commission and the European Council, Jean-Claude Juncker and Donald Tusk, addressed a letter to Trump inviting him to come to Europe as soon as possible to discuss the future of relations Transatlantic routes.

In particular, the negotiation of the free trade agreement between the two parties and the American commitment to the defense of Europeans through NATO.

That it is public, to this day, Juncker and Tusk did not obtain from Trump any kind of feedback. The same can not be said of two of the best-known populist leaders of the European Union, Nigel Farage and Marine Le Pen.

“We are just tourists,” said Farage, UKIP leader, when he was questioned by reporters on Saturday about his presence at the Trump Tower in New York. “I was confident that I would be a good president,” Trump said. “It was an honor to be with Donald Trump, I was relaxed and full of good ideas.

Republican campaign chief Kellyanne Conway later said the two men cherish “each other’s company, having had the opportunity to talk about freedom and victory and what that means for the world.” Mr Farage and his party are in favor of leaving the EU.

Trump was on British soil to support him when he won the brexit and the Eurosceptic paid back by marking his rallies.

Who is also encouraged by Trump’s victory is the leader of the French National Front. The Republican’s victory “made possible what until now seemed impossible,” Le Pen said in an interview with the British public television.

He added that the result of Trump is “a victory of the people against the elites” and that it is possible to do so also in France in the presidential elections of 2017.

The interview is generating controversy since it coincided with the so-called Day of Remembrance, Which honors British soldiers killed in the two world wars.

Meanwhile, Marine Le Pen’s niece, Marion, said on Twitter he had received an invitation from Donald Trump’s possible chief of staff Stephen Bannon to work together.

Alarmed by all this, the heads of diplomacy of the 28 had an informal dinner yesterday in Brussels to talk about the EU after Trump’s victory.


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