Republican candidate criticizes decision by the FBI not to prosecute the opponent, Hillary Clinton


The Republican candidate for the White House, Donald Trump, said it was not possible “to review 650,000 electronic post office in eight days,” a commentary on the FBI’s decision to keep the recommendation of the Democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton, not be processed.

At a rally in the US state of Michigan on Sunday, Trump said that research on the ’email’ ‘Hillary Clinton “will not go away” and called for going to the polls on Tuesday, day of the US presidential elections, to end “a system that protects Clinton and stealing jobs and sends them to Mexico.”

Trump commented so to the letter from the director of the FBI (US Federal Police), James Comey, sent on Sunday to Congress to inform you that your not sue Clinton decision had not changed, after reviewing new ’emails’ on the computer one of the assistants of former secretary of State.

In July, the head of the FBI criticized Clinton for using an e-mail personal account to exchange messages, including some with classified information, as part of his duties as secretary of state, but said the FBI would not recommend criminal charges against Democratic candidate.

The new letter comes after another sent by Comey last month, which reported that federal agents would analyze new electronic mails recently discovered on Anthony computer Weiner, a former Democratic congressman and former husband of a close assistant of Hillary Clinton, Huma Abedin.

Weiner is being investigated by the FBI after revelations of daily Daily Mail that would have exchanged inappropriate messages and sexual content with a minor.

Comey, who was accused of giving weapons to the Republican candidate’s campaign, Donald Trump, in the final stretch to the election indicated that the FBI worked tirelessly to examine as soon as possible all new electronic mails discovered.

The Clinton campaign has expressed satisfaction to see the case of the ’email’ resolved.


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