The US president directly asked the director of the FBI – who meanwhile fired – whether he was under investigation. He told him no. Trump says he was planning to turn James Comey away.

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Donald Trump directly questioned the former FBI director to see if he was under suspicion, given the ongoing investigation to ascertain what links exist between elements of the now president’s campaign and Russian officials. “I asked the FBI director if he was being investigated,” Trump admitted, adding that he had received a negative response from James Comey. When the departed former FBI director (fired this week), Trump says he had already decided to do so before receiving recommendations in that regard.

Without reservations, the American president spoke directly with the director of the FBI. He wanted to know if, within the FBI’s investigation of elements of his team, and he knew that he was not, his name was not on the list of people suspected of being in the organization. That’s why, in an interview with NBC News, Trump categorically states, “I know I’m not under investigation.”

This Tuesday, news that Trump had decided to dismiss James Comey from the FBI’s direction fell like a bomb in Washington. Rumors quickly surfaced hinting that behind the decision was the goal of protecting his own back. Mr. Comey, who was keen to see what the real connections between the hard core of then-presidential candidate Donald Trump and Russian officials and their influence in the campaign leading to the election of the Republican candidate, would enter someone less interested in that particular investigation.

In the interview, Trump assures that the decision to remove Comey was exclusively his. The US president was going to do it “independently” of the Justice Department’s recommendations. “There is not a right time to do it,” but it is certain, he says, that he made the decision on his own.

This Thursday, the interim director of the FBI and other senior officials of several US agencies – for example, like the CIA – testify before a congressional committee on the current situation in each of the agencies. Andrew McCabe assured that there was “no effort” with FBI officials to stop investigations.


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