WikiLeaks has announced it will be available to pay $ 100,000 for recordings of talks between US President Donald Trump and the former FBI director.

The former FBI director, Comey, led the investigation into the alleged links between Donald Trump’s campaign team and the Russian Government

WikiLeaks said it was available to pay $ 100,000 for any recordings of talks between US President Donald Trump and former FBI director James Comey, who was fired on Tuesday.

The possibility of recordings of the conversations was insinuated on Friday by Donald Trump himself, who in a series of tweets stated that it would be better for James Comey to hope that there will be no “tapes” of the conversations before beginning to make revelations to the media.

Sources close to James Comey, quoted by the CNN television network, said the former FBI director “is not worried” about Donald Trump’s threat, stating that “if there is any tape, there is nothing to worry about” content.

With the doubt about the existence of recordings, WikiLeaks announced, through Twitter, offer $ 100,000 (91,400 euros) for them.

Trump fired Comey on Tuesday on the grounds that he mismanaged the investigation into Hillary Clinton of using private email accounts when he was secretary of state in communications with information classified as confidential.

However, the dismissal generated a great deal of controversy as Comey led the investigation into the alleged links between Donald Trump’s campaign team and the Russian Government.

On Thursday, in an interview with NBC television, Trump has always claimed to have had the intention to dismiss the director of the FBI, which he described as a “talker”.

The decision by the President of the United States to dismiss the FBI chief raised a wave of outrage particularly among Democratic Party representatives and opinion columnists in the US press.

The Democratic Party even compared the episode to President Richard Nixon’s cover-up attempt in the Watergate case.

According to him, the New York Times, Donald Trump, on Friday demanded former FBI director James Comey “loyalty” when he arrived at the White House, but he only offered him “honesty”, which will have him Cost the charge.

That conversation took place during a private dinner a week after Donald Trump’s inauguration on Jan. 20 as President of the United States, James Comey explained to some of his colleagues who spoke to the US newspaper on condition of anonymity After the dismissal.

According to these sources, at a certain point in the conversation, after bragging about his victory in the elections and the “crowds” he gathered at his rallies, Trump asked Comey to “swear allegiance to him,” which Comey denied, promising him, Instead, that he would always be “honest” with him, while insisting that it would not be “reliable” in the political sense of the term.

Unsatisfied with the answer, Trump urged him twice more to swear allegiance to him, but Comey did not budge, always according to the former FBI director’s report reported by colleagues to the New York Times.

Comey now believes this dinner was “an omen of his downfall,” according to the New York newspaper.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders, a White House spokeswoman, told the paper that the former FBI director’s version is not a “precise account” of what happened at that dinner and that the President of the United States would never require “personal loyalty “But rather loyalty to the people and to the motherland.

The dismissal of the FBI director – something that had only happened once in US history – took place the day before Donald Trump received the Russian Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov, in the White House.



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