CNN has released a video in which the now-US president is seen dining in 2013 with Rob Goldstone, the man who sent emails to Trump’s eldest son offering information about Clinton.

CNN released a video on Thursday in which Donald Trump appears at a dinner in 2013 in the company of Rob Goldstone and several members of the Russian millionaire family Agalarov involved in the controversial emails received by Trump’s eldest son. The images are the latest indication of the link between prominent figures in Moscow and the US millionaire’s candidacy for the White House against Hillary Clinton.

In the images, Trump appears in the company of the millionaire Aras Agalarov and other members of his family – whose relations put them in the sphere of influence of President Vladimir Putin. The video was recorded in June 2013 and reveals former relations (at that time, trade relations) between the now US President and Russian power.

The name of Goldstone, responsible for the public management of Agalarov’s image, is now framed by the most recent “email controversy.” The publicist last year exchanged several messages with Trump Jr. (eldest son of the then presidential candidate) offering sensitive information about the Democratic opponent in the presidential race and making himself available to put Trump Jr. in contact with Emin Agalarov Millionaire) so they could discuss information about Hillary Clinton.

The images prove that the links between the Trump family and the Agalarov family are ancient – it was the Azerbaijan-based family that opened the doors to Trump so she could take her Miss Universe pageant to the Russian capital that year. And they reveal that, in addition to Trump, several members of their closest group participated in the 2013 meeting. Among them are Michael Cohen, Trump’s personal lawyer, and Keith Schiller, a longtime confidant of the now- Schiller was called to director of operations for the Oval Office at the White House).

The images come a day after The New York Times released information on emails sent to Trump Jr. In these contacts, the President’s eldest son was informed – by Rob Goldstone – that there was compromising information about Clinton And that they were part of a “Russian government’s effort to help his father’s candidacy.” Trump Jr. would eventually meet with a lawyer also with links to the Kremlin, but has already ensured that he was unaware that it was a person under the influence of Putin.

After an interview in which Trump Jr. said that his “alarms did not fire” when he received the emails “because it was not yet the problem that he would become in the last nine, ten months,” the US president came out in defense of his son . “My son did a good job last night,” the president wrote on Twitter, noting that Trump Jr. was “open,” “transparent,” and “innocent” in his explanations. Everything is just “the greatest witch hunt in historic politics,” he said.


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