According to the New York Times, a few days after taking office Donald Trump summoned James Comey to a two-dinner White House dinner where he demanded loyalty. Comey refused: he only promised, to be honest.

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Donald Trump has demanded loyalty to former FBI director James Comey at least three times during a dinner they both had in late January after Donald Trump took office, but James Comey declined to make that commitment, promising only to be ” Honest, “the New York Times reports.

The FBI director, dismissed this week with immediate effect by Donald Trump, will have been summoned by Donald Trump for a dinner in the White House with only the President and, between some talk about the elections and the size of the audience of the inauguration of Trump , The President will have demanded to James Comey his “loyalty,” according to two sources familiar with the talks.

James Comey would have refused to make that promise, telling the President of the United States that he was not a “reliable” person in the more conventional political sense. According to the version that James Comey will have confided to his next nucleus, Trump was not satisfied and insisted again when Comey told him that he promised to be “honest” with the President.

The conversation did not stop here and Trump insisted again, at which point he asked Comey if it would be “honest loyalty,” and the former FBI director told Trump he would have it.

The White House is disputing this version of events. Donald Trump himself spoke this Thursday about this dinner, but with a very different version of events: James Comey would have asked to have dinner with the President and the question of loyalty was never a topic of conversation.


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