Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice says the threats by North Korea “are not something a US President can tolerate.” A meeting between Trump and Kim? Out of the question, Rice says.

US President Donald Trump should not even admit to joining Kim Jong-Un at this stage, defends former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. The Korean leader, who Rice considers “clever” but “unmanned”, has made harsh threats and “obviously knows what he is doing” and Trump, as President, “should not tolerate” this behavior.

“I think he [Kim Jong-Un] is clearly trying to send a message that they are powerful, they are strong, they can make the US suffer, I do not think this is a situation that any US President can tolerate , At the end of the day, “Condoleezza Rice said in a studio interview on a CBS show.

Rice argues that “the President of the United States can not meet with Kim Jong-Un. And clearly, never under these circumstances ”

The former Secretary of State in the Bush administration says that “the day may come when North Korea will abandon its nuclear weapons program, that we will again have North Korea as a member of the society of nations, but clearly not We are at this point. ”

Donald Trump has said in the past that he could invite Kim Jong Un to “eat a hamburger” and talk about the relationship between the two countries. And even after the recent threats, the US president admitted that “in the right circumstances” there could be a tete-à-tête between Trump and the Korean leader.



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