Billionaire Carl Icahn supports the entrepreneurial ideology of the Republican candidate.

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His name is Carl Icahn and is not an unknown name among the financial elite of the United States. It is now a multimillionaire who makes numerous investments in venture business or developing companies.

Icahn, who began his career as a stockbroker on Wall Street stock market, says Donald Trump would be “better for the economy” of the United States than Hillary Clinton. According to the billionaire, the Republican entrepreneurial vision brings more advantages than the inspection that the Democrat wants to impose on the American business community.

“If we make a vision to three years, our economy will be much better if Trump is elected. There are many problems that she [Clinton] wants to bring when you say you want a broader governance. Trump, on the other hand, says he wants to change the regulatory agencies. “

According to the Daily Express, Trump has reached ‘winked’ Carl ICANH, saying that this would make a good Secretary of the US Treasury-State. However, faced with the praise, the investor did not comment on the case.

Also within the business world, Icahn is a critical assiduous of the regulatory agencies that oversee and scrutinize the activities and movements of companies. From the viewpoint of billionaires, “irrational” governance is an explanation for the reduction of the investment managers of the companies. With Trump, the productivity of American firms will surely increase.


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