One of the most beautiful eco resorts in the world

Situated on the shore of Lake Koggala in Sri Lanka, this eco-friendly resort ensures that it is ideal for two types of tourists: those who prefer the dolce fare niente and the more adventurous. In any case, Tri Lanka is already considered one of the most sustainable resorts in the world.

Of the 10 existing rooms, eight are suites, three of which have their own private pools. The resort center has a water tower and other amenities include a multi-level pool and terraces, a treetop yoga studio, a bar and restaurant.

There are also spa rooms, community and private dining and entertainment venues, a library and entertainment center. The roofs of all buildings are green, as are the walls. Solar panels generate heat to heat the water.

Tri Lanka also placed a premium on recycled wood and made use of only locally available materials. “We are guided by nature, we are involved in an aesthetic passion and fortified by a completely sustainable philosophy”, explain the responsible of the hotel.


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