The tree house of our dreams

Jay Hewitt, a gifted handyman from the state of Massachusetts, United States, was so pleased to learn he was going to be a grandfather who made a promise to the parents of the two children, who are now four and five.

“I want to build a treehouse for them and you’ve never seen anything like it.” The contractor used all his professional experience – and probably the help of some friends – and set to work. When it was finished, the building was three stories high and twelve feet high.

Jay’s epic effort is actually a tribute to his own childhood since he was fortunate enough to be able to play in his own treehouse. However, the differences are obvious: “I had a small house, I never dreamed that a tree house could be like that,” he confirmed.

The house began to be built a year ago and is in permanent expansion. In fact, the property has just been put up for sale by the contractor. Until someone wants to buy it though, Jay promises to expand the house. Maybe for a new floor.

Jay Hewitt of Attleboro is putting the finishing touches on an elaborate tree house he built for his grandchildren in a tree in his backyard.


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