Bus that sells vegetables


With 5.5 million inhabitants, the Toronto metropolitan area is one of the largest in North America. With this size, it is normal that there are areas of the city without commerce, which forces residents to pick up the car and drive several miles to make banal purchases.

To make matters worse, many of the city’s suburbs were designed in the 1950s – like hundreds of mainland cities, in fact – assuming people could quickly get to large surfaces through their car.


With population growth, many of these areas have become isolated in terms of access to commerce, and many residents rely on public transport to do their shopping, which is not very practical.


To circumvent the problem, the city authorized the placement of refurbished buses that sell vegetables and fruits. Called Food Share, these buses enjoy great mobility and can end the long and cheating trips of the citizens to the supermarkets.


Buses were donated by the Toronto Transit Commission and refurbished by LGA Architectural. Foods are organic – they may be more expensive, but there is a guarantee that they are delicious and nutritious.


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