The more you worry about the maintenance of the machine, the longer it will last.

Investing in assembling a computer with a good performance is not cheap and, as anything that requires a high value, will want it to last as long as possible. Well, speaking of computers only get if you have special attention to the maintenance of the machine.

This maintenance concerns not only care for the hardware, thus avoiding the wear caused by natural use over time, as well as the software itself, ensuring that performance continues as the day turned on the computer for the first time. Below you can check out some tips.

Clean the inside

It is natural that after some time to begin to create lint balls inside the computer. A timely opening of the tower will prevent this very thing. If there is still accumulated dirt on the inside (especially in corners), use compressed air for a more thorough cleaning. Finally, use a cloth cleaning brands to take all the dust.

Everything in place

Must keep the inside of your turret is a mess. Arrange the yarn and avoid these come into contact with other components.

Prevent power failures

Consider buying batteries able to handle power surges caused by storms or even problems with the network. It is sure to cause problems but prevent transformer wear and to prevent some parts can go hopelessly to waste.

Don’t miss the updates

Whenever you have a ready upgrade do not delay and do it right now. This concerns the full updates, small ‘patches’ to the new versions of drivers for your video or sound card. Thus make sure that every machine has the best performance possible. Still have a few more steps but is on track.

Uninstall software from manufacturers

Nothing against the programs that manufacturers develop especially for their equipment but when uninstalling the software will be free valuable space on your hard drive. It also avoids having programs running in the ‘background’ without knowing, you should also move with the permissions to determine which ones are automatically started.

regular security scans

To avoid unpleasant surprises do is equip a reliable antivirus through which perform regular scans your computer for malicious software that may harm your computer.



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