Just try to imagine the world without the Internet. Zero social networks, have no friends on Facebook, forget upload your photos to Instagram or share moments of your life for Snapchat.

You’d have to give up information searches on Google or Wikipedia. You could not buy anything from Amazon and you could not hear your favorite music on Spotify.

And we are only mentioning the most trivial things in the world of networks. All this makes you unbearable? So you’re probably addicted to the internet.

This list is for you:

The first thing you do when you wake up, is to review your social networks

If you wake up early, meaning that you are not of those who wake up until noon, but does not deny that the first thing to do when you open your eyes is to grab your smartphone and check your social networks.

And your social networks, are the last thing we check before going to sleep

Because you do not manage to sleep, if you do not see your latest update has the “likes” you expected.

If you manage to sleep…

In the world of the web’s sense of time is lost, so it is that sometimes we are so involved in our social networks that do not feel the passing of the hours and we can spend all day connected without resting for a moment.

You always have the latest technology


Smartphones and computers from a few years ago, for you already looks completely discontinued, obsolete, old, no longer allow you to surf the Internet with the speed that can be in these recent times.

Not a minute goes by without you review your social networks

No matter where you are, or the activity you’re doing, any time is good to check what’s new on the web.

And you do not go anywhere that does not have free Wifi

Because the words “Wifi” and “free” together sound like a beautiful melody to your ears.

There is no position more comfortable than this

Since you almost spend all day at the computer, you need to find the perfect position to spend all day comfortable.

What happens when you run out of Internet?

You are so into the Internet world, that when you run out of the practically have no idea what else to do with your life.

Without the internet you are a walker

You get without Internet, then go out for a walk and get some sun, which already makes you do not have much time you spend browsing the web in a closed room.

An Anti-social, but very social

You are someone prefers to stay at home, giving “like” the photos your friends uploaded to the party to which you would not go.

You’re always aware of any gossip

Since you spend all day connected to the web, you are always aware of what is happening around the world.

Thanks to the Internet you managed to develop supernatural abilities

You spend so much time at a computer, you know her perfectly, you can even write on your keyboard with the feet and eyes closed at the same time.


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