Rush hour in 20 cities

1.New York, USA

Leave home running, take the subway, get late to the train, get in the car and get stuck in traffic. Gathering rain, heat, wind, cold, while we notice that we left the cell phone at home, or the food, or the liquid yogurt to drink in the middle of the morning.

2.Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rush hour is terrible everywhere. Score. But there are more chaotic than others, as you can see in the gallery that we presented below, originally published by the Mashable aggregator.

The photos capture the typical rush hour experiences of home town – bicycles in Amsterdam, Los Angeles cars, Dubai metro, La Paz cable car, Bolivia, or Bangkok boat, Thailand.

3. Taipei, Taiwan
4. La Paz, Bolivia
5. Moscow, Russia
6. Soweto, South Africa
7. Bangkok, Thailand
8. Dubai
9. Tijuana, Mexico
10. Paris, France
11. Amsterdam, The Netherlands
12. Beijing, China
13. Sydney, Australia
14. Chicago, USA
15. Pyongyang, North Korea
16. San Francisco, USA
17. Hong Kong, China
18. New Delhi, India
19. Harare, Zimbabwe
20. Los Angeles, USA


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