Felix Finkbeiner is a teenager with a mission: to plant 150 trees for every inhabitant of planet Earth. From the top of his 18 years, Felix is determined to achieve his noble goal and prepared to wage the toughest battles to reach the final goal with this great successful challenge.

It all started when about a decade ago – now nine years old – Felix decided he had to do something to counter the consequences of climate change. Around him everyone seemed very interested in the subject, but at the time h all good intentions were just that.

Contrary to the inertia that surrounded him, Felix decided to take the reins of the situation and to take action once and for all. And the success of his demand was not long in coming. He created Plant for the Planet, with the support of the United Nations, and so far Felix has already been responsible for planting more than 14 billion trees in 130 countries. And this adventure has just begun!

Living in Germany, Felix Finkbeiner has the activist Wangari Maathai as his greatest source of inspiration. Nobel laureate in 2004, Maathai was responsible for the cultivation of more than 30 million trees in African territory. Still in his fourth year of schooling, Felix followed the example of his idol and planted the first tree at the door of his school. This laid the foundation for this young man’s environmental advocacy movement.

The media attention given to the case helped to publicize this remarkable project of Felix, opening the doors to the United Nations and the European Parliament. This while carrying its purpose to good port, with hundreds of trees to be planted in the meantime. The thousand-year tree was planted when Felix turned 13.

Since then the project has gained ground and Felix’s initial goal has surpassed its most unrealistic expectations. In partnership with the United Nations, 14 billion trees have already been planted and the bar is now even higher: a trillion trees, anything like 150 trees per inhabitant of planet Earth. Felix has already joined more than 50,000 ambassadors of this cause, most of them between the ages of nine and twelve.

In his address at the Urban Future conference last year, Felix conveyed all his passion and pragmatism. “If we realize in 20 years’ time that the advice given by current scientists on climate change was wrong, we will realize that the work we are doing now has not harmed anyone. But if we listen to the skeptics and do nothing, we may find out too late that we have done absolutely nothing to change our future. ” What a wonderful young man, who renews hope in the power and willpower of the new generation!


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