Sustainability made in Tangier

Who said that the social neighborhoods have to be “hidden”, remaining ignored by the cities and away from its vibrant center? In Tangier, Morocco, Malka Architecture designed several social housing in an area overlooking the Atlantic and using passive design and prefabricated structures to create a sustainable neighborhood.

According to Inhabitat, the vision of Stephane Malka, from the eponymous architecture studio, provides for four adjustable modules with green roofs, which create a constantly evolving urban structure.

Made with prefabricated units, the buildings are equipped with galleries and terraces that have several functions: from providing magnificent views of the Ocean, facilitating natural ventilation and allowing natural lighting to reach all the remote corners of the interior space.

In summer, a shading system controls the solar gain and ensures the building optimal bioclimatic performance. The abundance of vegetation also gives the neighborhood a more rural look, allowing you to blend the new structures with what surrounds them.



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