Chinese build an electric car made of wood

Chinese build an electric car made of wood

Liu Fulong is a Chinese carpenter, who decided to spend their time and imagination over four months to build an electric car entirely in wood.

The car was designed to be a kind of war of vehicle being armored and equipped with several false missiles side and roof. The car’s construction cost about € 2,600 to the Chinese carpenter.

The vehicle measuring 2.4 meters long by 1.2 meters wide, with a weight of about 350 kilos. The electric car can reach speeds of 50 km / h.

Besides being electric and all built of wood, the car is equipped with horn, mirrors, lights and even a radar, as well as several alternate tires, writes Inhabitat.

Fulong lives in Shengyanhg in northwest China, and do not have any training in the field of automobile construction.

Earlier this year, the carpenter built another electric vehicle also in wood, which took three months to be produced and reaches speeds of around 30 km / h.


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