Faced with the old dilemma, Abd Alkader Habak chose to stop capturing the moment and help. He himself was hit by the bomb that killed 126 people in a suburb of Aleppo last Saturday.

Muhammad Alrageb (Facebook)

Recording the moment or helping those who need it, this is the issue with which all journalists confront each other at least once in their professional lives. Last Saturday, 16, in the horror scene, left after an explosive device was detonated in a suburb of Aleppo, next to a column of buses carrying hundreds of Syrian civilians – at least 126 people died, 68 of them were children – Abd Alkader Habak , Photographer and activist, had no great doubts. He left the chamber lying on the ground and used his hands to rescue a 6 or 7-year-old boy who found himself in the middle of the chaos, alone, wounded, bleeding.

“I was a few feet away when suddenly there was a huge explosion. My camera went down and I was projected, with the displacement of the air. I found her next to a child who was lying on the floor, bleeding. I ran to her. I saw it was a boy, and he was moving his hand. I looked into his face and realized he was breathing, so I took him in his lap and started running toward the ambulances. I do not know what happened to him, but I let him inside an ambulance and he was taken to one of the hospitals inside the rebel-controlled zone, “said Abd Alkader Habak, a Syrian from Ariha, a town just 14 km from Idlib, Channel 4 News.

Although in a separate interview with CNN he reported that the decision to help the wounded had been taken in conjunction with the other photographers present, Abd Alkader Habak was among the few who, after the explosions, did not capture a single image. The young man who left the care of the medical rescue teams was not the first one he tried to save – the first child in whose direction he ran was already dead – would not be the last.

“It was horrible, especially seeing children moaning and dying in front of me. We decided, myself and my colleagues, that we were going to put the cameras aside and start helping the wounded, “he told CNN.

Muhammad Alrageb, the author of the photograph that has already started to run the world and shows Abd Alkader Habak fleeing the area of the explosion, with the boy in his lap, says that first he also helped the victims, then he tried to record what was happening – until Because this is also an inherent obligation to the profession. “I wanted to film everything to make sure that the responsibilities would be taken. It is a pride to know that a young journalist was there to help save lives. ”

After placing the boy safely, Abd Alkader Habak ran to another child. The moment he realized that that little body also lay lifeless was also captured by the lens of a photographer. On his knees, Habak mourns for the dead child lying next to him, lying face down on the floor – and by all the others, he explained to CNN. “It was an overwhelming emotion. What I and my colleagues witnessed was indescribable. “


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