Belgian Interior Minister Jam Jambon estimated today that between 3,000 and 5,000 jihadists in Syria could return to Europe in the future.

© Reuters
© Reuters

The Belgian official also indicated that 117 Belgian jihadists who were in Syria have already returned to Belgium and that half are in prison while the rest are “subject to surveillance”.

This information was given by Jam Jambon during an interview with the Belgian French public television RTBF, and the minister revealed that the Belgian jihadists who are still in Syrian territory or will remain in Raqa (the city in the north-central part of Syria) or will pass To the Iraqi city of Mosul to help the Islamic state.

There is also the possibility that the EI decides to send them to their country of origin, Belgium, according to the minister, who is quoted by the Spanish news agency (EFE).

But it is not just Belgian citizens joining the EI in Syria and Iraq, Jambon said, but “between 3,000 and 5,000 Europeans.”

The Belgian intelligence official said the Belgian intelligence services “closely follow” the matter, believing that if a wave of return to Europe of Islamic radicals is confirmed, Belgium “must be prepared”:

Jam Jambon also said that in his opinion, Belgium is now safer than before the Paris bombings a year ago, thanks to the thirty measures taken by the Government and almost all have been put in place.

“There is much more security culture than before, in particular, from the population, which has followed the guidelines of the security services,” he said.


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