From barn to modern villa

Few would believe that a small, long-abandoned barn in the Bagnes valley in Wallis, Switzerland, could, as soon as renovated, be transformed into a holiday home combining rustic architecture with ultramodern sustainable technologies.

But that is exactly what Alp’Architecture sàrl has helped to build: a modern, comfortable house that is the first building certified with the Minergie P label, label for the renovated and low-energy buildings. Certification is only available for buildings in Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

The building was expanded in relation to its original feature, so that it could be transformed into a residence for the whole year. The addition brought, in addition to a ground floor, a garage, bathroom, entrance and engine room.

The new furniture is made to measure and uses all the available centimeters of the house. There were also installed solar panels and ventilation equipment, which integrated into the existing architecture.



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