The viewpoint pyramid

In one of Scotland’s most beautiful parks, overlooking Loch Lomond and the Arrochar Alps mountain range, an eight-meter wooden pyramid was built to give visitors the chance to have a panoramic view of the site.

Developed by BTE Architecture, the pyramid uses sustainably purchased timber and was commissioned by the Scenic Routes Initiative, promoted by the Scottish Government. BTE planned the pyramid to the smallest detail, maximizing the experience of visitors, including those with reduced mobility, being fully integrated into the landscape.

With the name of Na Ceann Mor, the pyramid has benches for visitors to rest and enjoy the special view. “From the exterior point of view, the belvedere creates a point of distinctive attraction”, explain the architects. “It has a very strong visual impact and covers the entire landscape, even if experienced in such an exposed location. This inviting gesture attracts visitors from a great distance, who can thus explore an alternative view, take a break on their journey and enjoy a scenic spot. ”


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